About me

Having had over 30 years of experience massaging adults and a lot of pregnant ladies, I qualified with IAIM
in 2005. My son was only a few months old at the time and still loves his massages today along with my daughter.

I love teaching baby massage to all those who come along, some wanting to get a routine into their bedtimes, and others who have babies with colic and are really at their wit’s end. Babies are all different but by the end of the 5-week course they are all the same in a small way – they LOVE to be massaged.

About IAIM

The International Institute of Infant Massage was founded in the early 1980s by Vimala McClure after she saw young mothers in northern
India massaging their babies. The IAIM is now an international organisation and you can find more information at their website at http://www.iaimbabymassage.co.uk/dianabeaumont#1944

About Wellbeing International

Wellbeing International provides resources, curriculum and training to support Wellbeing For Mother & Baby instructors as they contribute to the empowerment and happiness of all mothers.
You can find more information at their website at: www.wellbeinginternational.co.uk 

About Birth Bliss

Birth Bliss was founded in 2021 and seek to raise the profile and visibility of doulas and make a meaningful impact on birth and early parenthood across the UK.
You can find more information at their website: www.birthblissdoulacourses.co.uk

Your privacy

I value your privacy, so your information will not be shared with anyone else, you can read my privacy policy here

What the Mums Say...

“It was a lovely bonding experience for myself and my baby”


“I would highly recommend Diana and her baby massage course”


“She makes amazing tea and cake too”


“My Baby had colic and reflux....improved both issues"


‘The techniques are easy to learn and I use them as part of our bedtime routine”