Doula Services in Kent 

Why have a Doula?

A Doula offers new parents support before, during and after the birth of their baby.

Traditionally a parent, grandparent or close siblings would have been there for the new parents, but with times changing and people living further away, whether it be in the same country or abroad, they aren’t always available. So this is where I come in as a Doula!

What is a Doula?

My role as a Doula is to provide you with emotional, psychological, practical and informational support, through this most incredible time of all your lives. 

As a mother of two, and with many years of supporting the physical and emotional wellbeing of people and their babies, I have built a wealth of experience and understanding of all the joys and challenges involved in having a baby.

Whether it be your first or fourth baby, my aim is to make you feel listened to and empowered with the choices you make throughout the whole experience. I’ll assist you and your partner (if there is one), in preparing for and carrying out, your wishes for the birth of your baby and beyond.

I will give no medical advice or make decisions on your behalf, but by being there we can talk through procedures or advice that you may have been given. This will enable you to process and come to an informed decision that makes you feel relaxed and happy.

What are the Benefits of a Doula?

Many studies have shown that having a doula during birth can shorten labour by an average of two hours; decrease the need for medical interventions such as Caesarean section by 50%; decrease pain medication; improve mother-baby bonding; increase success in breastfeeding and help partners participate with confidence.

Continuity throughout the perinatal period can lead to a much better outcome and a happier and healthier family.

This is all known as ‘the Doula Effect’.

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What do I Offer?

I cover a 1hr radius from TN12 (Matfield, Kent)

All my packages are tailor-made to each family, couple, woman and birthing person’s individual needs, thoughts and expectations.

After initial contact has been made I offer a free in-person chat to answer any questions and to see if we are a good fit for each other and anyone else involved.

Antenatal & Birth

  •  2 antenatal sessions in your home to talk about:
  • Your hopes, wishes, anxieties and maybe fears about your pregnancy and birth.
  • Your birth preferences and figure out what is right for you.
  • Different ways to not only support you but your partner as well (if there is one)
  • Massage and relaxation techniques
  • Attend antenatal appointments with you if requested.
  • On-call 10 days before your EDD until your baby makes an appearance!
  • I will be there by your side throughout your entire birth to facilitate communication between you, your partner and medical providers.
  • Help and support with the first feed after birth if needed.
  • Once you are home we will have a debrief session about the birth.
  • Phone and messaging support throughout your pregnancy and until 4 weeks postpartum.


I understand that this is a life-changing experience for everyone involved, and I’ll be sensitive to the emotions that it brings.

I’ll help you with…

  • Looking after your baby whilst you nap, shower, pop on a face pack or just need phone time with family or friends.
  • Help with breastfeeding and bottle feeding, bath time, soothing and baby massage to help with possible colic.
  • Errands and a little cooking.
  • An ear to bend and a shoulder to lean on to laugh, cry or just ‘be’
  • Minimum of 3hrs / maximum 5hrs per visit
  • Please contact me for my price lists and availability.

What the Mums Say...

“It was a lovely bonding experience for myself and my baby”


“I would highly recommend Diana and her baby massage course”


“She makes amazing tea and cake too”


“My Baby had colic and reflux....improved both issues"


‘The techniques are easy to learn and I use them as part of our bedtime routine”




Doula Services in Kent