One to One Help for Mums

Now that you have given birth and have your beautiful baby safe and sound in your arms back at home, are you feeling a little overwhelmed with the day to day?
You may have spoken to lots of friends and family whilst pregnant and focused on the birth, but no one actually told you what it would be like once you got home!
That first month or so can be full of anxiety and questions like…

  • How do I position my baby whilst feeding?
  • When do I wind?
  • How do I wind?
  • Should I use a pacifier?
  • How many times should I change the nappy?
  • Should I wake my baby for feeds?
  • Why is my baby feeding so much and my friend’s baby sleeping so much?
  • Am I doing any of this correctly?
  • Why do I feel that everyone else knows what to do and I don’t?

I offer an hour 1-2-1 session with you and your baby – partners are always welcome too! -, in the comfort of your own home. The purpose of this session is to help you feel relaxed, happy and confident, and to help answer all the questions above and more.

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How can I help?

  • I can make suggestions of how to position your baby to hopefully reduce wind.
  • Check that your posture whilst feeding is correct and how to avoid things that will not affect you in the long term – having been a masseur for 30yrs.
  • Show you positions and hands-on techniques for winding.
  • Reassure you that what you are doing is correct and if it needs tweaking we can both come up with a better solution that will make you feel more positive and in control.
  • Answer any other parenting questions or concerns no matter how big, small or silly they may seem.
  • And of course, I can offer an ear to bend and a shoulder to cry on if needs be.

I cover a 30min radius from TN12 (Matfield, Kent)

What the Mums Say...

“It was a lovely bonding experience for myself and my baby”


“I would highly recommend Diana and her baby massage course”


“She makes amazing tea and cake too”


“My Baby had colic and reflux....improved both issues"


‘The techniques are easy to learn and I use them as part of our bedtime routine”